Tips for Repairing and Restoring Classic Cabinets

If you have cabinets that are old or in need of a change, you might want to consider repairing and restoring them. This is a less labor-intensive process that is oftentimes more economical than replacing them. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly. Refinishing is a way to preserve natural wood features and highlight the grain.

You should start by determining the look you want. Painting your cabinets is a great option. It will give them a fresh, modern look and is easier to do than repairing them. The best color for your kitchen is warm white. But if you want something different, you can also paint them any color you want.

Before you get started, you should clean all surfaces that need to be painted, such as your cabinet doors. If you’re not able to paint them yourself, you can hire a cabinet repair and restoration professional to do it for you. Make sure to clean your walls and floors, too, as the dust can affect your painting job.

After you’ve cleaned your cabinet, you can apply a coat of primer to your door. This will help the new paint stay in place and make the surface even. Remember to use a paintbrush and a drop cloth for this step.

Once the paint is dry, you can reinstall your cabinets. But be careful to make sure the box is strong enough to support the weight of your new cabinet doors and hinges. A worn box will not be able to support them.

Cabinets can be stained, but it is not recommended that you do it yourself. Staining can be a messy process and the end result can be uneven. Also, it is important to follow the directions for the stain. You should use a rich color and work your stain in two to three thin coats.

A cabinet refinisher will have many options for you. You can either have them remove the old finish and stain it, or you can have them refinish it with a new finish. These services are expensive, however. They will charge you for the new finish as well as the labor.

When you’re looking for a professional to repair your cabinets, you might consider contacting Furniture Medic. They specialize in kitchen cabinet restoration. Their technicians use professional-grade tools and long-lasting materials to produce a clean, factory finish. Plus, their technicians will be able to touch up your cabinets for an extra touch of class.

Whether you’re looking to replace your cabinets or refinish them, you’ll need a lot of supplies. You’ll also need a paint stripper. Paint stripper can be purchased at your local hardware store. To use it, spray it liberally on your cabinetry and let it sit for at least 25 minutes. Remove the paint with a scraper.

Finally, you’ll need to sand down the damaged areas. Using a fine grit sandpaper will smooth out the scratches. For deeper scratches, you can fill them with wood filler. For more details on cabinet restoration visit

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