How to Build a Picket Fence

Having a wood fence is a great way to add beauty and privacy to your home. They come in a wide variety of styles and can be stained to match any color. A wooden fence is also an excellent way to control the amount of noise and wind that enters your home. They are also a great way to corral your children, and are an excellent solution for protecting swimming pools and unsupervised pool dips.

Before you begin construction, you will need to decide what type of wood to use for your fence. The choice will depend on the look and style you want, as well as the climate in your area. Some of the most common wood types used include redwood, fir, cedar, white cedar, and cypress. If you choose a wood with a natural repellent, it will be less likely to attract insects. You should also consider how durable the wood is. In areas with severe weather, durability may be an issue.

When choosing a fence material, it is important to consider the amount of maintenance that will be required. If you plan to maintain your fence, you may need to paint or stain it to protect it from the elements. A protective finish can also increase the life of the fence. You can also add a kick board to the bottom of the fence to keep it from being damaged by rain or mud.

If you want a fence with more of a finished look, you may consider adding a cap board. This is a 2×6 or 2×8 piece of wood that runs along the top of the fence. The board will usually be topped with a 1×4 fascia. It adds a nice look to the fence and will also add support to the fence. It will set your fence apart from the rest and can be made of treated pine or cedar.

The location of the rails on your fence will depend on the style of your fence and the height of your fence. Most fences have horizontal rails spaced six to eight feet apart. The rails are typically two inches thick. They are fastened to the post with two fasteners. If you are adding a third rail, it will be installed halfway between the upper and lower rails.

Before you begin construction, you should decide what type of wood to use for your wooden fence. Many people use redwood because it has a beautiful look and is also highly durable. Depending on the climate in your area, you may also want to consider cypress. Cypress is also a very durable wood, and it is naturally resistant to insects. It is also more affordable in some areas of the United States than other wood types. However, cypress is not recommended for construction in regions with heavy rainfall.

Once you have decided on the materials that you are going to use, you should order them according to your specifications. You should also determine the kind of finish you will be using and apply it. This can be done with a brush or a plastic pump sprayer. If you need high quality wood fence in Houston visit

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